What is your return policy?


  • As of now all of our products are 100% customized, unfortunately we cannot accept any returns.



How long does it take to ship?

  • All products take 3-5 business days to be be manufactured and printed before shipping. Another 3-7 days for shipping depending on the country.
  • Due to COVID-19 your shipment may be delayed.


Can I choose to do black and white?

  • No, we no longer provide that option.


    Can I cancel my order?

    • We understand that mistakes can happen with orders and changes sometimes need to be made. Please make sure to double check your information before submitting an order. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we are able to catch orders before they are released to our carriers, and incorrect or missing address information can result in a failed delivery. Please email us at support@dashingcloud.com if you notice any errors with your order.


      What are the dimension requirements for my photo?

      • Please give a minimum of 640 x 320 pixels.


        Can I share my photo on social media?

        • There's nothing that we would love more than for you to share your amazing new poster with your friends and family. Feel free to tag us @DashingCloud.


          How can I track my order?

          • We will send you an email with your tracking number once your order has been shipped. Feel free to email us at support@dashingcloud.com for extra help.


            Can I make changes to my order?

            • Please email us at support@dashingcloud.com as soon as you realize a change needs to be made, we may be able to help but cannot guarantee this to be possible.


              I did not receive an order confirmation email

              • The email confirmation may take a few minutes to send. Please make sure to check your spam and/or promotions section as well.


                May I return my frame?

                • We can offer a refund or replacement if the frame is delivered damaged.


                  Do you ship outside the United States?

                  • Yes, we ship worldwide. 


                    Are pets limited to cats and dogs?

                    • No, we can turn pretty much any pet into an amazing WPAP art.


                      Can I choose my background or Colors?

                      • No, our artist has a specific color palette and background depending on the type of photo.


                        Can I order a multi-photo poster (collage)?

                        • No, we cannot create collages. However, you can order multiple digital photos and turn them into one. 


                          Can I customize the size of my poster?

                          • We only offer the variety of poster sizes you see.


                            What are the care instructions?

                            • If the poster does gather any dust, you may wipe it off gently with a clean, dry cloth.